Will Migration Manager "Move" My Applications?

Tranxition considered supporting the movement of applications during a migration.  To determine if it was workable, we built and tested a prototype.  We learned that migrating applications, especially across a network, was unfavorably slow.  Migrations of 10-15 hours would result.  We also learned that as a result of the design of Windows, that applications were not contained effectively, and had implications in many places in the operating system and with other applications.  The result is that the migrated applications did not often work.   Tranxition does not productize features that only sometimes work.  We also discovered that many apps recognize a new device and won't operate without the current or new key.

We recommend:  software deployment tools that install licensed software with keys is an excellent choice.  Also excellent and most time sensitive is using an imaging product with the standard applications already installed.   Either of these approaches in conjunction with Tranxition Migration Manager gives you a cost effective, reliable platform when the process is complete.

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