Running Migration Manager Under the LocalSystem Account

Every Windows system has a collection of user accounts, such as Local Administrator and users.   In addition to that, Windows has an account called LOCALSYSTEM.   Local System is a high priviledge account that is most often used to run administrator-level services, such as a watcher app or remote network monitoring.

Many people are not aware that LOCALSYSTEM can be accessed other ways.   In Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, an end-point device management environment, most often used by medium and large-sized companies, activities taking place on the system can be directed to use LOCAL SYSTEM.

Additionally, a Microsoft utility called PSEXEC can also run software under LOCAL SYSTEM.  3rd-party tools such as NIRSoft, Ewe Sieber Tools, and M2Team

Migration Manager is often tasked to run as LOCAL SYSTEM.   Running as LOCAL SYSTEM is good because it is repeatable across a network, every Windows system has one.   Using the above mentioned software, you can execute Migration Manager and capture and inject all the personas on a system.  This approach also works with Windows PE.


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