Using Migration Manager with Box and OneDrive

Because Migration Manager is a well-behaved application, using it along with OneDrive and is fast becoming an effective storage medium for PC Migration processes.  With OneDrive, point Migration Manager's datastore Location to point to the OneDrive directory.  Note that cloud transfer takes time and you will notice that migrations take twice as long or more.

To use Migration Manager with, download and install the BoxDrive utility from the Box website.  Point the datastore to the BoxDrive location. If your account in use has local admin privileges, you will be able to save all profiles to that BoxDrive account. 

You can use the LOCAL SYSTEM account by installing BoxDrive to it, and running Migration Manager under it.  This also will work with KACE, SCCM, and other systems management tools.

We have found BoxDrive to be highly-efficient and well-implemented. 

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