Edge Browser Bookmarks

Want to migrate Windows Edge Bookmarks? With the latest Edge versions you can.
Microsoft has released a number of different versions of Edge since it first released in 2015. The initial versions used proprietary browser engines where the settings and bookmarks were not easily migrated to new machines. In January 2020, the latest Edge browser was released which uses the Chromium browser engine. This version of Edge stores bookmarks in a file which can easily be migrated to new computers.
If your users are using Edge browser version 79 or newer, an easy to add File Rule in Migration Manager can migrate bookmarks for the default Edge profile (if users have multiple profiles within Edge, this will only migrate the first one).
Create this inclusion File Rule in Migration Manager:
%USERLOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Edge\User Data\Default\bookmarks*
Note: Because the 'Bookmarks' file does not have an extension, we add an * to the end of the file name in File Rules.
More information about File Rules can be found here: File Rules - User's Guide
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